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11/12/2003 4:22:29 PM

It's been a gorgeous week! I'm finally over the horrible cold I had the last 2 weeks... or maybe it was the flu, i'm still not sure. Either way I was laid out in bed for two whole weeks! Spending two weeks in bed with my class schedule is murder on the academic aspect of my life. Luckily, I have some good 'study friends' in classes who did their best to share their notes with me and catch me up - we had a huge biochem test today on a lot of the material i missed and I think I aced it. Its so important to make some allies in classes even if you like to study alone. You can't help getting sick! I do feel badly though ... I was supposed to speak at a research symposium and was too sick to go and i managed to make some of my friends sick. I tried not to breathe on them, but you have to breathe, right? I'm excited about work right now. The experiment I've been working on in lab for the last year is finally over (it didnt work, cry, whimper, moan) But now I've been assigned to a project involving lasers. Thers a huge laser lab in the basement of the science building. Its a scary looking place but the toys are a lot of fun. I can't wait to be trained and get a key! I get to test my experiments by using lasers to write my name in e-coli cells. Long story, but a lot of fun. Are any of you girls interested in photography? I'm about to buy a new camera (i've been saving up for forever) and can't wait to get started. I'm going to be using a friends wacom tablet and i'm going to get a photoshop program so i can start making some art! I think it'll be a fun way to spend the little spare time I have. I miss the art classes from high school and getting to create things. Ever since i left the ballroom dancing team I've been aching terribly for a creative outlet (that i'm decent at) I"ve always been a shutterbug, so hopefully this will work out!

I didn't get any e-mails from girls interested in science symposium or research opportunities for high school students. If any of you are still interested in information. Feel free to field me a question at I'd be happy to fwd you info. about research opportunities. There are some fabulous ones here in arizona!


9/12/2003 9:51:07 PM

Hi Girls! I"m Bess ... since this is my first entry I just wanted to say HI to everyone and tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a Biochemistry major, English minor at Arizona State University. I'm working to become a doctor ( even though my childhood dream is to draw cartoons for archie comics ) . I just started my third year and its so exciting to be an upperclassman. There were so many changes in my life the first two years it's nice to come back for a third year in a place that feels like home. Speaking of home, I'm living in the dormitories again. I've lived here since I was a freshman. I work as a tutor for the freshman year experience, so If you're an incoming freshman be sure to stop by. All the help is free of charge! Tempe's a great college town - theres something for everyone. I'm really into the performing arts and I love to swing dance at some of the clubs around campus. Being social is fun, but I'm also a bookworm. My favorite books are The unbearable lightness of being, The Dubliners and 1984. I also write prose poetry and I'm the president of the ASU poetry club , we've being made an official organization this semester, so get ready! We're going to have a publication and everything (maybe in your local bookstore one day). I"m really excited to talk to you guys this year. After all, talking is one of my favorite things :) So to all you girls starting their freshman year, or still in high school getting ready to apply to college I have one word of advice : Enjoy yourselves! Applying to school is exciting - there are so many unknowns to look forward too. And for you girls already here, don't forget to have a balance. Everything seems so overwhelming at first, but its wonderful too! New faces, new classes, and a whole year of firsts. Well, I have to go get some dinner before the diner closes, we'll talk again later. Great meeting you!



Arizona State University
English and Biochemistry
My fave things to do
I love playing the piano, cartooning and going dancing - especially historical dance with We Make History...
My favorite books
The unbearable lightness of Being, 1984, Slapstick and Molly Sweeney (a play)

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