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11/25/2003 10:05:45 PM

Hey, it's been totally busy and still is! I have research projects, tests, assignments, christmas shopping, and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all! Whatever you believe, have a bunch of fun and have a great time with family if you can! I'm outta here and going home!



11/15/2003 11:12:47 PM

Back again! I just got the Matchbox Twenty EP with their new song "Suffer Me" and it's awesome! Hilariously, it's styled to look just like a burnt CD. There's a perk to my week, and boy do I need one. This week's been hard for me. I got sick (as did the whole dorm floor), but I"m on antibiotics now. I stayed up most of last night with a cough (asthma mixed with bronchitis is bad), but hopefully I'll sleep tonight. I've been watching Discovery Health lately and just saw an interesting documentary on the Elephant Man, poor thing. It was really interesting, talking about the diseases he might have had and how they found and analyzed his ancient DNA. They didn't have a great conclusion, but that's kind of how medicine goes. Anyway, I've gotten past the grief of hearing that my dog had died while I was away. I'm looking forward to getting home. I'd love to promise another post this week, but I have yet another research project coming up. No promises either way, but we'll remain hopeful.

Music makes me happy and gets me through the day! That'll explain my link for the great CD and new song!!

11/11/2003 1:52:30 PM

I'm getting closer to one of these a week, yay! We have the day off today, and what a day it will be! With a bit less than four weeks of school left, I have more research to do, tests to study for, and assignments waiting to be looked at. I've been woken up by loud music one too many times, and I'm contemplating putting off my shower until later (again) because I'm not quite in the mood for a cold shower this early. That's life, I guess. This weekend has been really hard for me. I got a phone call from my mom saying one of my dogs had died. He had a stroke, it sounds like, and in the end, he couldn't walk or get up and barely knew where he was. I bawled, straight out went into hysterics. If you have pets, you can understand: each is like a family member. Well, I bought a somewhat-expensive new collar for my living dog, and I'm looking forward to coming home and seeing her. I'm trying to get some pictures up on my website (if I still have a website, hehe), so maybe that'll be a link sometime soon.

I recommend everyone has a pet sometime in their life. It's so nice to have someone always excited to see you--always on your side and loving you no matter what. It really makes the day easier. Hope everyone's doing well!


10/27/2003 5:00:21 PM

Hello all! I've been busy getting my research project done and such, but now I have a few extra minutes. I need to tackle Mount Dishmore sometime, because I'm running out of stuff to eat food off of. I'll do that right after I post, probably. I'm getting extremely tired of cold showers. The dorms have no hot water, and I will never get used to that. Luckily, I get to go to my brother's apartment every once in a while and use his (which does have hot water, yay!). He, his girfriend Darra, and I have gotten into rock climbing. We've finally found a sport we all like, amazing! It's really fun, even though I"m sure I look stupid doing it, only up to 5.7 difficulty (the gym goes up to 5.12). Who cares what I look like? It's fun! In other news, I've been looking at transferring and getting annoyed with how difficult it is to get started at universities. The courses my major's website says I'm supposed to take don't match up with what the university's catalogue says, and I think I have to take summer school to get to where I want to be. Oh well, any amount of work is justified if it can get you where you want to go and won't kill you. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Since I'm at a place that's warm enough for shorts most of the year, and image seems to be a big issue here, I have to add a rant on it. I have seen more platinum blonde, calorie-obsessed, bikini-wearing barbies in these past few months than I hoped to ever see in my life. For anyone who thinks that's what gets you ahead in life, think again! Beauty fades, so put your time on something that won't work against you, like knowledge or talent or anything but tanning and anorexia! I know it's hard in places like this, I have acne and no tan at all, but I also know that I don't want to advertise that the best part of me is what you see. There's some advise for any who are willing to listen, be yourself, anyone who disagrees isn't worth another thought.


9/17/2003 2:46:50 PM

Yet another day (or week), and homework piles up and up and up! Luckily, I've gotten a fairly good hold on it. I'd like to go to some parties sometime, but I'm having trouble finding ones that cops, should they visit, wouldn't have problems with. I went to a pool party, got sunburnt, but other than that, it's been homework with the occaisional outing for food. I haven't made too many friends, but that's probably for the best since I'm not staying at this campus for long. Not much of an update, but at least it's something.

Food is good. Eating food is doubly so. Something that's both really easy and really hard to remember in college. I never missed mom's cooking so much as when I now look at all the ramen and speghetti-o's I eat now.


Arizona State University
pre med, hopefully Physician's Assistant
My fave things to do
Read, write, draw, color, sing, play piano, watch movies, and listen to music.
My favorite books
All Harry Potters except the last one, Lord of the Rings, Jasper Fforde series.

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