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Women's History this month. This month in Women's History
Women's History this month. BLOG NEWSLETTER
Women's History this month. EducatingJane.com
Where smart girls go to learn!

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Check out our Women in History Bookstore

 March is Women's History Month, here is a list of lesson plans to get you started.  Use these lessons year round to incorporate women in history in your classroom.  Promote Educational Gender Equity in your school, sign up for the educators' e-mail list and get updates on gender equity and more.

Check out these Women's History Month Teaching and Learning Resources from the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. 

Mulan as a Unit Study  by Victory Press
Study and compare Disney's version with the real legend of Mulan.

Women's History Week TeacherLink
Grades 4-5 
Women's History Week is designed to inform the public of the great impact that women have made in this U.S. society

Closing the Salary Gap Education World
Grades 6-12 Students explore careers in their community and compare the average salaries for men and women working in those careers.

Jane Addams TeacherLink
Grades 4-5 Learn about the contributions of Jane Addams and explore how to make social change in your own community.

*Women: Stride to Freedom Yale- New Haven Institute for Teachers
Grade 7-8

*Women's' Rights in the 1800s University of Iowa
Grades 7-12.

*The Nineteenth Amendment Columbia Education Center
Grades 9-12. If you are considering using a video to enhance your unit on the 19th Amendment, click here to read about and preview "Women Take Their Place: An American Revolution."

*Women, Literacy and Development The American Forum for Global Education
Grades 9-12

American Women's History: A Research Guide MTSU
A very good resource. Server goes down occasionally, check back.

*When Food Becomes an Enemy: Eating Disorders Text File Download only.
Lesson Plan for Grades 9-12 From Discovery School.

*They Also Serve Education World
Grades 3-5, 6-8
Students learn about the roles women played during World War II

Lesson Plans from
Women in World History:

Female Fury In The Forum
Ancient Rome, 195 & 42 B.C.

Assessing Women's Past Through Art An Interpretation Activity

Tools Uncover Women's Work

Ancient Tablets, Ancient Graves:
Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia

Women and Confucianism

Suffrage - When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome

Using Women's Words

Women's Rights - Ancient Egypt and the United States

The Plight of Women's Work
Early Industrial Revolution in England and Wales

Weavers Tell Their Stories
Maya Women of Guatemala

(New to our list)
From Scholastic:

Women's History Activities (Grades 7-12)

Moment in History: A Writing Project

Women During World War II (Grades 5-12)

Women in Television Activity (Grades 5-12)

Uncommon Soldiers: Women During the Civil War


For more lesson plans-The Teacher's Guide has some of the same lessons and a few more ideas for March. 

Do you know of other Lesson plans that focus on women in history or women's issues?
Suggest a Lesson Plan

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by Susan G. Butruille

Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail.

Women's Voices from the Western Frontier.

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